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High-speed counter interface module for D2-240, D2-250(-1), D2-260 CPU based PLCs, Do-more H2 series PLCs, and WinPLC. (8) 9-30 VDC sink/source inputs, (4) 5-30 VDC isolated sink/source outputs, 1A per point. Inputs supported: 2 quadrature encoder counters up to 100kHz, or 4 single-channel counters up to 100kHz, and 4 high-speed discrete inputs for Reset, Inhibit, or Capture. Outputs supported: 4 independently configurable high-speed discrete outputs or 2 channels pulse output control, 20Hz-25kHz per channel, pulse and direction or cw/ccw pulses. (Not compatible with D2-230 CPU.)


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